Event Description
Event Id:168
Description:MTDR Ride - Gates Family Farm
MTDR Only Event:NO
Event Start:05/20/2017
Event End:05/21/2017
Notes:RIDER'S MTNG ; 10AM SAT, 830 SUN
From the 2014 ride:
Loop 1: Beginner/kids loop. This loop is mostly grass track marked with green arrows. A very short section in the woods. This loop is for beginners and young kids learning to ride. It is about 1 mile long and 50 cc friendly.

Loop 2: Novice loop. This loop is 100% in the woods and mostly single track marked with blue arrows. It does have a couple of hills that will challenge new riders. There is an optional creek section about � mile long that will get you wet and definitely challenge the novice folks. It is about 2 miles long and stays within 100 yards of the fields where we camp by the pond. If you do well on this loop you are ready for loop #3.

Loop 3: Short main loop. This loop goes around the outside of the property and is challenging. It is about 4 miles long and marked with black arrows. It has challenges but can be ridden in 1st gear on a trail bike. It has creeks, hills, single track, and some logging roads. Take your time and most anyone can make it around this trail. There is one hill that has multiple lines. The hill is marked with red arrows and �X�s�, the �B� line black arrows, and an easy line with green arrows. This loop ties into the novice loop for about 5-6 miles total.

Loop 4: Long main. At the end of loop 3 there is an option to punish yourself more and ride 6-7 miles of the good stuff. If you find loop 3 difficult you may want to pass on this loop. It is very similar to loop 3 but many more challenges, logs, hills, more creeks, off camber hills, and some tight single track. This trail is mainly marked with red arrows but has many old arrows as well.

Camping is by the pond (no power or water) Saturday night. You are more than welcome to fish. I have an outhouse, now with a roof and lights!!! There is a fire pit and plenty of firewood. We will have a fire both nights. This is a rain or shine ride. The property drains very well.

Link:Map for James Gates
Owner:Chris Fred